How It Works

A couple enjoying dining outThe South Shore Dinner Club is a program designed to encourage new patronage at good restaurants and save our members a great deal of money at the same time. As a South Shore Dinner Club member, your only obligation is to adhere to the following instructions. All rules and aspects of the program must be read and agreed to before using your membership book. You may return all materials within ten (10) days for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with our program.

How Does it Work?
The member is entitled to take out the maximum cash discount where noted on the coupon in each participating restaurant when another dinner is purchased at the same time during the valid days and hours as specified in the directory. The membership coupon may be used only once at each restaurant. The less expensive adult entree ordered is the one deducted. You need not order the same dinner as your dining partner. If your child orders from the adult menu, it will be considered an adult entree.

What’s Not Included?
Some restaurants do not honor the program for nightly specials so read your coupon carefully. This complimentary offer does NOT include any alcoholic beverages. It also does NOT include any appetizers, desserts, or beverages of any sort (iced tea, coffee, etc.) unless already included in the price in the main entree.

A tip of 15% of the total bill before the free dinner is deducted is customary; 20% for exceptionally fine service would be appropriate. This is very important to the continued success of the restaurant program.

How About Other Coupons?
Your membership may not be used in conjunction with any other discount (senior citizens discount, coupons, etc.).

What If More Than Two People Dine?

TWO or more couples may use their dinner club coupons at the same time but only one check will be totaled for the table unless it is in the disclaimer of a particular restaurant coupon. Multiple checks per table are never allowed when using your dinner club coupons, even if dining with non-members. No more than 3 coupons may be used by a dining party regardless of how large the group.

The waiter will simply subtract the lower-priced entrees from the total check regardless of dining partner match-ups

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